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The Optimax automatic AFS strapping machine is an excellent piece of kit for speeding up the strapping process of boxes, pallets and parcels. Designed to the highest of standards the machine is very easy to use and is one of the most advanced strapping machines in its class. The machine has a number of features including an auto strap feed, electronic tension control and much more.



  • Auto strap feed

  • Short feed sensor and ato strap re-insertion

  • Electronic tension control

  • Auto loop ejector


  • One of the most advanced strapping machines in its class

  • Fast tension adjustment

  • Minimal downtime and coil changeover


  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1430 x 620 x 1540mm

  • Min/Max strap tension: 10-70kg

  • Cycle time: 2.2 seconds @ 50Hz

  • Power supply: 230V 50Hz

  • Power consumption: 1.2kW

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MACHINE STRAPPING OPTIMAX AUT0 12mmSTRAP 1050x800mm ARCH IN21019 (1 per pack)


MACHINE STRAPPING OPTIMAX AUT0 9mm STRAP 850x600mm ARCH IN21020 (1 per pack)


MACHINE STRAPPING OPTIMAX AUTO 12mm STRAP 850x600mm ARCH IN21018 (1 per pack)