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The Ecopax C320 Cardboard Shredder is ideal for use in large businesses that go through lots of cardboard.

The Ecopax C320 turns unwanted and old pieces of card into suitable packaging. Two packaging options are available. These include shredded cardboard and flat padding mats, both of which offer excellent void fill solutions.

This is a powerful machine that can shred cardboard quickly and easily at your convenience. It is easy to use and requires low maintenance. This saves you a lot of time and effort speeding up processes within the working environment. The Ecopax C320 is Compatible with phase 1 dust extractors. 

  • Turns small quantities of old cardboard into lots of packaging material within a short time

  • Create high-bulk void fill and protective matting material which reduces packaging costs and is ecologically beneficial

  • Operator-friendly carton feed with punched measuring scale for precise packaging units

  • Variable carton sizes automatically processed in a single step

  • High motor torque for more powerful shredding action, even at low speeds

  • Low maintenance reduces loss of productivity through downtime

  • Improved power consumption/performance ratio

  • Standard dust extraction device built into most models

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