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Void fill and loose fill products are available at R+R Industrial for filling space in cardboard boxes. This is essential for making sure that fragile items are protected properly during storage and transportation. 

R+R industrial have a variety of products available for this including Polystyrene chipsbubble wrapcorrugated Kraft roll, bubble wrap sheets, foam protection, cardboard sheets and much more. They each offer various levels of protection to products by creating a cushioning barrier against knocks and bumps.

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  1. Bubble Wrap Roll - Large Bubble

    Starting at: £16.85

    Bubble wrap is one of the most popular options of protection providing the ultimate in cushioning material. 

    R+R Industrial know how important it is to provide the right level of protection to goods in storage and transportation. Bubble wrap is a popular choice for most companies, providing cushioning against knocks and bumps. Large bubbles are great for items that have a bigger surface area and therefore require more protection. Suitable for wrapping items or for filling void space in cardboard boxes to prevent them from moving around to much. Available in a variety of different sizes. 


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  2. Loose Fill Flopack Polystyrene

    Starting at: £15.75

     Loose Fill Flopack Polystyrene is the perfect material for void fill. It is easy to use, lightweight and effective.

    Flopack Polystyrene is ideal for filling void space in cardboard boxes. Their small and compact designs allow them to fit into small spaces with ease ensuring that they fill in any gaps inside the box. The shape of the polystyrene also allows them to interlock with each other so that they are as close together as possible. This ensures that items inside the box don’t have room to move about and bang into each other. They also provide cushioning within the box which helps to protect goods from knocks and bumps during shipment. 

    Made from high-quality materials, that are completely recyclable.

    Key Features

    • Exceptionally fast: packaging completed within seconds
    • Intuitive application: no training necessary
    • Economical: advantageous price-performance ratio,
    • high labour productivity
    • Chips interlock to form a vibration-proof packaging witha superior padding
    • effect
    • Light: low volume weight
    • Clean: almost dust-free

    What can it be used for?

    • Void-Fill
    • Relevant Techniques
    • Void fill

    Additional Features

    • Recyclable
    • Thermic Recycling
    • Recycled material
    • Compostable
    • Reusable

    Environmental Information

    Storage Recommendations
    Protect loose fill from damp during storage period

    Please note!

    Loose fill bags are not available for courier delivery, only available for collection or local delivery.


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