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Lay Flat Tubing provides packaging solutions for products that need transporting or storing. Manufactured from high-quality materials the tubing is strong and durable making it difficult to tear or puncture.

The tubing comes in different widths of 500g making sure that we have something suitable for various packaging needs. The tubing comes in a roll and can be cut to size allowing you to use as little or as much of the product as you need. It can then be sealed using a heat sealer ensuring that nothing gets in or out. 

Lay flat tubing will help protect products against dust and water damage.

Product Name Price Qty

LAY FLAT TUBING 5" 500g (5kg) IN1601 (1 per pack)


LAY FLAT TUBING 8" 500g (8kg) IN1602 (1 per pack)


LAY FLAT TUBING CLEAR 4" 500g 102mm x 168mtr 125mu (4kg) IN1604 (1 per pack)


LAY FLAT TUBING CLEAR 7" 500g 178mm x 168mtr 125mu (7kg) IN1603 (1 per pack)