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Lay Flat Tubing is used for the protection of goods during storage and transportation. It comes in various widths of 250g making sure that there is tubing suitable for a range of materials.

Lay flat tubing is transparent so that you can identify what's below the tubing with ease. It can also be cut to size so that you can use as little or as much of the product as you need. The tubing helps to protect items from damage caused by the likes of dust and water. This makes it a great packaging solution for items ready for shipment. A heat sealer is needed to seal the ends of the tubing to prevent anything from getting in or out.

Manufactured to the highest of standards lay flat tubing is strong, durable and reliable.    

Product Name Price Qty

LAY FLAT TUBING 10" 250g (10kg) IN1600 (1 per pack)


LAY FLAT TUBING 12" 250g (12kg) IN1609 (1 per pack)


LAY FLAT TUBING 4" 250g (4kg) (1) IN1606 (1 per pack)


LAY FLAT TUBING 5" 250g (5kg) IN1607 (1 per pack)


LAY FLAT TUBING 6" 250g (6kg) IN1605 (1 per pack)


LAY FLAT TUBING 7" 250g (7kg) IN1608 (1 per pack)