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Cardboard sheets and rolls are an excellent form of packaging that can be used for the postage, protection and bulking out of products. We have a choice of corrugated Kraft paper roll and cardboard sheets perfect for filling void space and wrapping goods. 


Available in a variety of different sizes we have products suitable for everyone. Cardboard sheets and roll can be used to create a protective layer around postal items and wooden pallets. They can also be used to fill void space in extra large cardboard boxes or any other box that has empty space inside. This is important for keeping the contents of the box safe during storage and transportation.

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  1. Solid Board Edge Protectors

    Starting at: £6.92

    Solid board edge protectors are an essential item for use with cardboard boxes and palletised goods. The solid board edge protectors are used to reinforce the sides of cardboard boxes for extra strength and firmness.

    Our edge protectors are made from high-quality materials ensuring that they are capable of withstanding the weight of heavy loads. Solid board edge protectors sit around the outside of the cardboard box protecting its edges from damage if knocked or bumped. Easy to use and fit, they can be assembled quickly and easily.

    Available in a fantastic range of lengths, widths and thicknesses to make sure that there is something to meet all of your needs. 


    • Protection and stability for palletised goods
    • Profiles made from cardboard (recycled paper)
    • Stackable when nested
    • Easy to fit


    • Protect products during storage and shipment
    • Prevent straps from cutting into packaged goods
    • Prevent lightweight goods from being deformed when secured with stretch film and straps
    • Stop loads from slipping when fixed with bands or stretch film
    • Stabilise pallets


    • Various lengths, widths and thicknesses available


    • Safety and protection for box edges
    • Easy to use
    • Requires little storage space





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