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  1. Compactor Sacks

    Starting at: £13.55

    R+R Industrial supply heavy duty compactor sacks in various different sizes for use in businesses. They are made from high quality materials ensuring that they can withstand heavy loads and awkwardly shaped items. They are very difficult to tear or puncture eliminating the need to have to double bag your liners. This save both time effort and money. Compactor sacks are easy yo use and can be tied at the top effortlessly to prevent the contents of the bag from spilling out when being moved. Choose from a range of different sizes to meet your need and expectations.

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    Starting at: £7.95

    Corrugated layer pads are single wall cardboard sheets ideal for providing protection to boxed and palletised goods. They are a must have for those working within an industrial environment where there is a constant flow of goods being shipped out.

    The corrugated layer pads come in A3 and A4 to ensure that they are suited to different packaging needs. The sheets offer protection by acting as a barrier between the box and the products inside.

    Our corrugated layer pads are made to the highest of standards. They are sturdy and robust and can withstand everyday wear and tear. They are also completely recyclable making sure that they are environmentally friendly. 

    • Size: 210 x 297mm A4 and 297 x 420mm A3
    • 100 Sheets per pack
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  3. Featherfoam

    Starting at: £36.50

    Featherfoam offers excellent protection to fragile and surface sensitive products. It comes on a roll and is available in a variety of sizes.

    Featherfoam can be easily cut to size so that you can use as little or as much of it as possible. The foam has anti-abrasive qualities that prevent it from scratching or marking anything covered by it. Excellent for covering the likes of furniture, ceramics and electronics for protection. Its cushioning material shields against knocks and bumps protecting items from scratching, finger marks and other damage.

    Featherfoam is manufactured to the highest of standards for a strong, durable and reliable finish.  

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  4. Fragile Tape Polypropylene 48mm x 66mm

    Polypropylene warning tape with red lettering. Used to highlight fragile packaging, this fragile tape can be used to protect goods and parcels.


    • Comes in one design with "FRAGILE" on the tape 
    • 6 rolls per pack
    • Made from polypropylene 


    • Width: 48mm
    • Length: 66m 
    • Weight: 1kg per pack 


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  5. Pallet Wrap - Machine Applied

    Starting at: £38.47

    Pallet Wrap is vital for use in warehouses where boxed goods are stored or transported on pallets. The wrap helps to prevent any boxes from falling off the pallets when shipment conditions get rough. As well as securing items pallet wrap also helps to protect them from the likes of dust and water damage. 

    Machine applied pallet wrap is used in conjunction with a pallet wrapping machine so that it can be applied quickly and effortlessly. Using machinery speeds up the wrapping process and eliminates the need for manual work that takes time and energy.  

    Machine applied pallet wrap is made to the highest of standards ensuring that it can withstand everyday wear and tear. Difficult to tear or puncture you will not be disappointed with our pallet wrap.  

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  6. Paper Masking Tape - Unbranded

    Starting at: £1.00

    A tape with a gentler adhesive than duct tape, paper masking tape is commonly used for masking off areas that shouldn't be painted. The tape can be easily removed without leaving any residue or damaging a surface. Unlike household masking tape, our industrial rolls can be applied to almost any surface.


    Paper masking tape that won't damage surfaces or leave any residue 

    Available in two widths: 50mm and 25mm


    Tape width: 50mm/25mm

    Tape length: 50m

    Rolls per case: 6

    Weight: 2kg per pack 


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  7. Poly Bag 100g

    Starting at: £2.01

    This is a basic, general purpose polythene bag that provides a simple but effective way of carrying and transporting various produce. These are of course food safe, which means that they can be used for just about anything. This particular product comes in a variety of sizes and is therefore an excellent option for holding some of your smaller, and lighter products with a weight limit of up to 100g.

    This is a general purpose polythene bag, which means that it is only a light duty bag and will not be suitable for containing sharp or particularly heavy items, however it does provide a suitable option for a variety of other produce such as fruits, vegetables, sweets and even small items such as beads and shells. This particular option is a clear polythene bag, however coloured versions, and of course more heavy duty alternatives, are available.

    These are supplied in boxes- please see table below for units per pack.

    Bulk discounts are available for those who order in large quantities to ensure that you get the best possible deal for your business.

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  8. Rubber Gloves - Pair

    Starting at: £0.48

    Essential cleaning produce for all daily and business requirements are available in droves within our catalogue. We have fantastic self-branded and mass manufactured items. All are protection against potentially contaminated mop heads, handles and buckets. Disposable Gloves are much needed security from harmful chemicals towards hands ideal in the Health Sectors of nursing and dentistry. One type of bacteria defence is the Medium Rubber Gloves in either colours pink, blue and yellow. The dimensioned editions are also disposable for any potential damage that may occur when submerged in water for long periods. Remember that Gloves are important when cleaning not only at work but also at home. Learn More
  9. Solid Board Edge Protectors

    Starting at: £6.92

    Solid board edge protectors are an essential item for use with cardboard boxes and palletised goods. The solid board edge protectors are used to reinforce the sides of cardboard boxes for extra strength and firmness.

    Our edge protectors are made from high-quality materials ensuring that they are capable of withstanding the weight of heavy loads. Solid board edge protectors sit around the outside of the cardboard box protecting its edges from damage if knocked or bumped. Easy to use and fit, they can be assembled quickly and easily.

    Available in a fantastic range of lengths, widths and thicknesses to make sure that there is something to meet all of your needs. 


    • Protection and stability for palletised goods
    • Profiles made from cardboard (recycled paper)
    • Stackable when nested
    • Easy to fit


    • Protect products during storage and shipment
    • Prevent straps from cutting into packaged goods
    • Prevent lightweight goods from being deformed when secured with stretch film and straps
    • Stop loads from slipping when fixed with bands or stretch film
    • Stabilise pallets


    • Various lengths, widths and thicknesses available


    • Safety and protection for box edges
    • Easy to use
    • Requires little storage space





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