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Product Code: IN2170

The Ripack 2200 Propane gas shrink system is one of the most powerful shrink guns available on the market. The shrink gun features a large rotating nozzle that is safe to touch and rotate when in use. This is due to a cold nozzle design that prevents any accidental burns from occurring. The Ripack 2200 is easy to use and handle. It is comfortable to hold and shrinks packaging quickly and evenly across wide areas for a reliable and professional finish.



  • Powerful 68kW performance

  • Instantaneous single-stage ignition

  • Large, rotating nozzle

  • Patented Cold Nozzle technology

  • Automatic safety gas shut off valve

  • Double safety regulator

  • Swivel gas connector

  • Safety guard and dead man's handle

  • Ergonomic design

  • Gun weight only 1.2kg


  • Up to 20% higher performance than other systems

  • Fast, even shrinkage across wide areas

  • Highly controllable heat

  • Nozzle angle easily adjusted

  • No risk of burns from nozzle

  • Overheating prevention extends gun life and reduces maintainance costs

  • Light and easy to handle