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Postal Protection

We are a society that uses the postal system for delivering letters and goods to friends, loved ones and clients. It is a service that has been used for centuries and it has continued to grow and improve over the years. Despite the effectiveness of the postal service it is still important to ensure that whatever you send is properly protected. Postal protection can cover making sure that your items are wrapped securely and making sure that they are correctly tracked. Both of these things will help to improve the delivery and safety of your items.

Wrapping your parcels:

Wrapping you parcels properly is important for making sure that they arrive at their destination unscathed. Although the greatest care is taken when delivering parcels they can still experience some knocks and bumps, particularly when being transported by car, plane or boat.

Items that are soft and squidgy such as clothing or soft toys aren’t likely to become damaged in the post. The can however become wet and stained. Items such as these should be wrapped in a strong parcel paper or placed in a plastic mailing bag.

Small and fragile items are at risk of becoming crushed beneath larger items so extra care should be taken when sending these. Small mail bags can be purchased with a bubble wrap lining to cushion items or alternatively bubble wrap can be bought separately to wrap around the item. For items that are more dimensional it is a good idea to place items in a box that is properly packed with bubble wrap and cardboard to keep it steady.

Larger items similarly should be placed in adequate sized boxing and appropriately packed with the likes of bubble wrap, shredded paper and cardboard. These should then be securely fastened using parcel tape so that they don’t come undone.

Tracking your parcels:

When sending a parcel, particularly one of high value it is recommended that you track your parcel so that you can see where it is every step of the way. This allows you to see if your parcel has arrived safely. It is also possible to see a copy of the signature that was obtained from the receiver when the parcel was delivered.



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