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New retail business? 5 things you probably haven’t thought about that you need before opening…

Opening a new retail business or shop can be an exciting time particularly if it is your first entrepreneurial venture. But whilst you have been busy ordering stock, hiring new staff, or focusing on your opening launch, you may have forgotten these really simple things that are vital to ensure you’re covered in all circumstances. From cardboard boxes, to tools and cleaning supplies, here’s a list of the top 5 things not to forget before opening.


Bins and Refuse Sacks

This might sound really obvious however, can you image the nightmare of having litter strewn around the store with nowhere to put it. Whether the bin is for customer use and therefore front of shop, or whether it is hidden behind the counter or in the staff room, we recommend you get a few. Litter is not only unsightly but can also be a potential fire risk and trip hazard so best to plan ahead and ensure you have somewhere to put it. IF your business is a green one, distinguish recycling bins by using clear liners in place of black ones so staff or customers can tell the different easily.

garbage in plastic bag for eliminate on the white background garbage bag for disposing of unwanted materials or shop waste


Commercial tools such as pricing gun, tagging gun and a labeller.

There are a number of tools available for pricing or tagging your products, ranging from low budget price guns to high end automated machines. Whether you sell clothing or more of a ‘boxed’ commodity product, make sure you have a way of displaying the price, as items with no value displayed can put potential customers off.


Packaging equipment such as a tape dispenser and cutting knife.

There are loads of industrial packaging companies out there who can supply packaging equipment such as tape dispensers and box knifes. These are what are classified as ‘stock room essentials’. Particularly if your retail business plans on holding a lot of stock, or delivers items from a warehouse, these are essential tools not to forget.


Postage supplies such as bubble wrap or cardboard boxes

Postage supplies are mainly for businesses which offer a delivery service, so if you are only selling in store, they may not be relevant to you. Boxes come in lots of shapes and sizes and even thickness. It’s important to ensure that the boxes you use are appropriate to your product range, and are capable of securely containing your items within the post. For example, with heavier items, double wall cardboard is an advisable upgrade.

Whilst this is mainly for business which plan on delivering, that doesn’t mean you should overlook this if you are planning on having a shop-only business. If you sell items which could be classified as fragile, bubble wrap or corrugated card are both excellent options for bagging these up safely for customers.


Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies are so important to avoid any potential problems from arising such as spillages, breakages or other accidents in your retail business. Not only that, but they also ensure the place is kept clean and tidy which is a huge factor for a customer’s first impression, staff wellbeing and the likelihood of your business staying open.

Therefore, we recommend stocking up on cleaning supplies such as sweeping brushes, mops and detergents such as disinfectant and polish. And don't forget the wet floor signs! A customer tripping in your store with no wet floor signs is a law suit waiting to happen.

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