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The Benefits of Using Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap gets used in almost every business that is selling produce. It is typically used for wrapping multiple items to keep them together. It can also be used to wrap individual items and protect products that are in shipment or in storage.

Heat shrink wrap uses a plastic film and heat. The plastic film is firstly wrapped around the product. Heat is then applied causing it to shrink and form a tight seal. It has many benefits, some of which you can see below.


Shrink wrap is far more durable than other forms of packaging. Manufactured from high-quality materials it is strong and difficult to damage. This ensures that any products wrapped in the film are well protected.

It is popular for protecting items that get transported long distances such as cardboard boxes. Transportation journeys can be rough going particularly if travelling by sea or air. Weather conditions can cause the transport to move around more than usual causing items to move around more.


Products that need protection come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some will also be more fragile than others and will need to be better protected. Shrink wrap is so versatile it gets used on items of various shapes, sizes and fragilities.

Almost any item can be packaged with shrink wrap for sealing and keeping it safe. It will protect against many factors including dirt, moisture and breakages. This is due to its tight fitting that holds items in place.

Cost effective:

One of the most desirable features of shrink wrap is that it is extremely cost effective. It is also a space saving form of packaging due to it wrapping tightly around products. This means that it does not take a great deal of space up in warehouses and factories.

As well as saving space in warehouses and factories it also saves space during transportation. This means that more items can be shipped at once.

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