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Why Air Pillows Are the Safest Option for Shipping Goods

Void fill plays a significant role in the protection and distribution of goods. When shipping items both long and short distances it is important to ensure that procedures are in place for their safe arrival.

Air pillows are safe and cost effective means of void fill and are fast becoming the preferred choice. A lot better for the environment and easier and quicker to use there are many reasons as to why air pillows are the safest option for shipping goods.


Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to improve upon their shipment process to make sure that their products remain in mint condition. Air pillows provide excellent protection for products keeping them away from the ridges of the outer packaging. This ensures that when pallets and boxes get knocked the pillows will be the first point of contact beneath the box cushioning any impact.

Air cushions provide no room for movement in a box unlike their counterparts bubble wrap, packing peanuts and paper fillers. This ensures that items are secure inside with fewer materials needed to carry out the job.

Packaging with air pillows is quick and easy. They should be placed above, and around goods, you are packaging for maximum protection, and their non-abrasive material makes sure that they don’t alter the surface of your products through the likes of scratching.


Air pillows come in various sizes and can be filled with as little or as much air as you require. This means that you can tailor the air pillows to the needs of your products and the size of the boxes you are using. This eliminates the need to include multiple layers of packaging protection, keeping costs down.

They are also extremely light weight and add hardly any additional weight to your shipment. This also keeps costs lower as freight costs won’t change much.


Air pillows can be filled up on demand meaning they don’t take up much floor space when not in use. They can be filled quickly and easily using table top pillow systems perfect for high volume manufacturers.

Easy to use

You won’t find an easier to use form of void fill than air pillows. As mentioned above they can be loaded quickly and easily on demand and placed where needed. Perforations between each pillow also allow you to tear off with ease just the right amount of void fill. This reduces the amount of waste your business produces keeping costs down and environmental damages down.

As well as being easy for distributors they are also welcomed by customers. There is much less mess involved when air pillows are used. They can be disposed of with ease and don’t break apart into smaller pieces leaving a trail of mess to clean up.

air pillow machine


Many void fill options are not environmentally friendly with some disposal companies refusing even to accept them. Air pillows, on the other hand, are made from recyclable materials ensuring that they can be disposed of at a recycling unit. This is much better for the environment and for businesses looking to improve upon their carbon footprint.

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