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At R+R Industrial we provide a range of bespoke industrial packaging products that can be manufactured to your individual specifications, from liners to customised mailing bags the options are wide ranging and made to the highest manufacturing standards.

R+R Industrial is a family run business that supplies tailor made polythene products and other bespoke industrial, and commercial, products to suit your needs.

If you are interested in bespoke packaging for small commercial businesses from food packaging such as branded coffee cups or sandwhich bags to decorative boxes and mailers, please visit our other website R+R Packaging. For the larger business who are looking for mass produced polythene products, film sheeting, welded bags and much more, we also source and supply a range of industrial products, see full list below, with delivery all over the UK and beyond. Because we work with large scale polythese merchants,in addition to corporate packaging producers, we are able to supply and deliver a high volume of packaging on a monthly scale and be very competitive on cost, offering discount on pallets and larger bulk orders.

Here at R+R, we also allow for smaller product runs for smaller independent buyers so whether you need an urgent order, a large job manufactured quickly or even if we have to personally deliver a small amount of stock to keep you going, we are happy to go the extra mile for our clients.

Bespoke Products

  • Virgin, Regran (recycle) and Black Jazz material
    (with added special blends)
  • Lay flat Tubing 105mm to 2500mm
  • Gusseted Lay flat Tubing up to 3500mm (any micron/gauge)
  • Coloured Films, Tints, Opaque and Fully Opaque
  • Collation shrink Blends
  • High, Medium and Low Slip
  • High Performance Blends
  • Shrink film up to 2500/5000 mm CFS (any micron/gauge)
  • Micro Perforated Films and Air Holes(Any size)
  • Mailing films
  • Printed Warning Notices with Inline print (any size)
  • Degradable, Electric Grade Antistatic, UV Stabiliser Blends (any size)
  • Max Closed Width (winder) 2500mm
  • Max Open Width 3500mm (any micron / gauge)
Contact Us


If you would like to enquire regarding any of our bespoke packaging please contact us.
Alternatively you can call us on 01670 546666 to discuss your bespoke request.

Bespoke Industrial Bags

  • Mailing Bags
  • Perf On Roll Bags. Any Size
  • Bottom Weld Bags (Loose or POR)
  • Side Weld Bags (POR)
  • Scented bags. Any Size
  • Furniture Bags With print any size
  • Heavy duty Sacks (Animal Feed, Aggregate / Builders Bags).
  • Bottom weld bags from 300mm to 1350mm face width or 2500mm gusseted to 2500mm long

Bespoke Industrial Sheets/Sheeting

  • Single colour print (one or two sides) – Random / Registered
  • Two colour print (one side only) – Random / Registered
  • Single wound sheeting up to 2450 mm wide
  • Centre folded sheeting max 2500/5000mm (any micron)
  • Sheets Produced On Roll